Lakeshore Menu Guide

What's red and white checkered and found all over the Ludington area? Your guide to great food!

The Lakeshore Menu Guide is one of the most popular publications in our area for both locals and tourists, because everyone loves food and wants to know the best places to eat.*

Please be kind to all restaurant employees you encounter—they are working hard to make your meal as enjoyable as possible. Your patience is always appreciated!

Due to the shutdowns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 Lakeshore Menu Guide was not printed, and instead will be released during the spring of 2021. But you don’t have to wait for the print edition! You can read the Lakeshore Menu Guide online!

Due to Covid-19 business interruptions, the menus we link to here within this website are pages from our 2019 edition. Please be advised that you may find some differences between last year’s Menu Guide and the restaurant’s current menu which may be affected by employee shortages, food distribution challenges, and increased operating expenses.

*Please note, restaurant dining rooms may be closed due to COVID-19 mandates, and ads may not reflect the menu and buffet changes required during the pandemic. We encourage you to click through to the business’ websites for current information.

Featured Menus in West Michigan

A Special Note Just for Business Owners

If you own a restaurant, deli, or other specialty food establishment, contact Advantage Marketing & Publications to find out how to include your business in the next Lakeshore Menu Guide. Everyone recognizes the familiar red & white checkered cover of the Lakeshore Menu Guide. It’s just as popular with locals as with tourists, because everyone enjoys a good meal. Our annual Menu Guides are distributed free to over 100 area locations. Click here for advertising information.